Dialog 2017

Too busy to take many photos, but here are a few. First one is of a conversation between Tyler Cowen and Peter Thiel. Dialog is an biannual 2-day thought retreat, gathering 150 global leaders to discuss how to change the world. Dialog was created in 2006 to bring together global leaders across industries to discuss …


Lake Como and Florence photos

I was in Lake Como for a small meeting of ~30 people, including sovereign wealth, hedge, and pension fund heads, plus a few intellectuals and leading figures from government. Brexit made for extra excitement in our discussions. Hint to scaremongers: the smart money is not as scared as you have tried to make the public. …


Foo Camp 2016

I was at Foo Camp the last few days. This year they kept the size a bit lower (last year was kind of a zoo) and I thought the vibe was a lot more relaxed and fun. Many thanks to the O’Reilly folks for running this wonderful meeting and for inviting me. My first time …


TEDxMSU: Hot or Not? Just Try.

Shouting “Sex!” in front of nearly 2,000 people can be scary, but it proved to be a pretty effective way to grab an audience’s attention. On March 4th, 2015, I delivered a TED talk on my evolution research at TEDxMSU, an independently organized TED event held at Michigan State University. The process to getting selected …


Creationist Origin Summit at Michigan State University

ORiGiN SuMMiT Michigan State University November 1st, 2014 Business College Complex, Room N130 FREE ADMISSION website  Meet the Speakers Dr. Gerald Bergman Northwest State Community College Dr. Donald DeYoung Grace College and Theological Seminary Dr. Charles Jackson Points of Origin Ministries Dr. John Sanford Cornell University Workshops Hitler’s Worldview There’s no doubt Adolph Hitler believed in …


SCI FOO 2014: photos

The day before SCI FOO I visited Complete Genomics, which is very close to the Googleplex.   Self-driving cars: SCI FOO festivities:         I did an interview with O’Reilly. It should appear in podcast form at some point and I’ll post a link.   Obligatory selfie: Tweet

Review of QUB Food Integrity ASSET 2014 Conference

Food Integrity and Food Fraud were key focus areas at the recent ‘Food Integrity and Traceability Conference’  (http://www.qub.ac.uk/asset2014/ ) hosted by Queen’s University Belfast. I was invited as a Keynote Speaker to cover Food Fraud Prevention.  Four 5-minute videos were created to cover the key concepts, including the Food Fraud prevention focus in China. There …