Boosting Productivity in a Crowd

Written by: Casey Miles

Primary Source: Writing Rhetoric and American Cultures

Latte art from my local coffee shop, GrandRiver Coffee in East Lansing.

Latte art from my local coffee shop, GrandRiver Coffee in East Lansing.

Lifehacker recently reminded it’s readers that working near others can boost your productivity, which resonated with me. I’m a coffee shop fanatic. When I travel, especially for work and school, I don’t look for the coolest bar or world-renowned restaurants, I look for independent coffee shops. Places where the locals go to get some work done while sipping a hopefully fair-trade latte. One of the reasons I love coffee shops so much is that I tend to get a good amount of work done. I’m by myself, but not alone. Check out LifeHacker’s piece about why this is true, then peruse their suggestions for staying productive while working at your local coffee shop.

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Casey Miles
Casey Miles is PhD student in Rhetoric & Writing, with a master’s degree in Digital Rhetoric & Professional Writing. Casey’s research focuses on queer rhetorics, specifically looking at butch ways of knowing, doing, and being in academic spaces, as well as documentary and video composition. Casey continues to work on her documentary series, The Gender Project, which explores gender, gender identity, and sexuality in everyday lives. Follow her on Twitter @soulsmiles