Organic field day- September 2013

Written by: Erin Hill

Primary Source : MSU Blog

I had the opportunity to present some of my latest and greatest results from my Organic Dry Bean Production Systems research at 3 of my on-farm locations. We traveled from Columbiaville to Caro and then all the way over to Alma, MI. It was a great opportunity to share the impacts of cover crops on dry beans with local organic growers. The impacts discussed included: nitrogen availability, weed population dynamics, and yield. Stay tuned for more results coming on this project as we begin the 3rd, and final, year’s harvest. We will also be presenting at the Organic Agriculture Research Field Day at the Kellogg Biological Station on October 10, 2013.


Sept 6 Organic Field Day_ Vicki Morrone (7)

Sept 6 Organic Field Day_ Dean Baas (3)

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Erin Hill
I am interested in weed ecology as it pertains to agricultural production. I am also interested in field crop and vegetable production systems, the use of cover crops and other sustainable practices, herbicide resistance, and environmental preservation.