Digital Humanities 2013 Conference: Digital Archaeology Session

Written by: Terry Brock

Primary Source: Terry P. Brock


A month ago, I attended the Digital Humanities Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. I was asked by Dr. Ethan Watrall to be a part of his session on Digital Archaeology, and to present on the development of the Walk Together Digital Exhibit at Historic St. Mary’s City. The session was loaded with a number of big names in digital archaeology, including Ethan, Daniel Pett of the British Museum, Shawn Graham of Carleton University, Joshua Wells at Indiana University, and Jon Frey at Michigan State University. We had a great time discussing our topics, sharing ideas, and having a few beverages, as archaeologists are want to do at conferences. Ethan also recorded all of our presentations and built a nifty website, so you can listen in on them and view the slides.

My paper, called, “All of Us Would Walk Together”: Digital Cultural Heritage and the African American Past at Historic St. Mary’s City discussed the design and implementation of the digital exhibit I built last summer for Historic St. Mary’s City. In particular, I focus on the importance of the use of the digital space for interpreting multiple or destroyed historical landscapes. You can read the abstract, listen to the audio, and see the slides here.  You can also check out the exhibit itself here, and follow us on Twitter, here.  Please, let me know what you think!

Also, be sure to check out Ethan’s paper about the design of MSU.seum, the mobile app that his class built and designed. The app features the Campus Archaeology Program heavily, including a lot of the work I did while I served as Campus Archaeologist. The app itself is really slick, and is available for download. I was fortunate enough to be able to help on a lot of the written content for the app, and I think everyone is really proud of how it turned out.