EMA – Another Dimension of the “Expanding Umbrella of Food Defense” in Food Safety Magazine

Written by: John Spink

Primary Source: Food Fraud Initiative Blog

fsm coverHere’s a quick review of and link to our new Food Fraud article  in Food Safety Magazine.  This article was created to provide an overview of US FDA Food Defense activities that are related to Economically Motivated Adulteration (EMA) and Food Fraud (FF).  FDA has a lot of resources and ongoing activities related to this subject,  including their funding of the 2013 Innovative Food Defense Program to produce a Food-Related Emergency Exercise Bundle (FREE-B).  With the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, we received a grant to develop a Table Top Exercise for FREE-B, which will be made available free on the FDA website.

This FREE-B program is a great example of FDA helping to build awareness of new risks. It also highlights the communication between the State and Federal agencies, as well as with industry and academics.

It was a great experience to write this article because I was able to interact with many of my colleagues from across the EMA/FF spectrum.  Review the article and forward the link to others within your organization to introduce them to some of the concepts. Together we are developing a firm foundation to continue to help advance Food Fraud Prevention.

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John Spink
Dr. Spink has been focused on product fraud since the Michigan State University’s Food Safety Program and the School of Packaging began research on the topic in 2006. This work expanded to the behavioral sciences and criminology and led to the establishment of the Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection Initiative in 2008. In 2009 the work shifted to the School of Criminal Justice where the Initiative evolved into a Program.