From NBC: Why Johnny can’t write, and why employers are mad

Written by: Kelly Turner

Primary Source: Writing Rhetoric and American Cultures

writing-is-hardShowcasing your skills and presenting yourself in the best way to your employers is challenging. However, students in the Professional Writing major might not have it quite as hard. Nowadays, employers are complaining that they can’t find job candidates despite the high unemployment rate. They say that this is because candidates don’t have near satisfactory writing skills. Many new hires received excellent grades all throughout school; however, they didn’t develop their writing and it left them behind all the other candidates. Some say that the root of the problem is in college curriculums; others say it stems earlier than that, but they all agree that the education systems aren’t doing enough to focus on written and oral communication.

The Graduate Management Admission Council conducted a survey in 2011 reporting that 86% of corporate recruiters said “strong communication skills were a priority”. Jobs now are mostly text based; communication occurs through emails, memos, reports, and other documents of the like. When that much of the daily conversation within and outside the company occurs in a documented format, it is vital that an employee’s written skills are up to par in order to assure the company is being represented appropriately. As a result, communication is one of the most sought after skills for employees and a major key to success in the employed world. For more details, check out the article at NBC News.

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