Tell It and They Will Come

Written by: Shewonda Leger

Primary Source: Writing Rhetoric and American Cultures


Source: “Storytelling speaks to all levels of the brain”

As a writer, one asset that I am constantly reshaping is storytelling. Writers tell stories to entertain readers and keep their engagement, and if that goal isn’t achieved the risk of losing audience is a scary thought, “yikes!” Believe it or not the same goes for businesses with relation to clients. Robert Bruce shares a unique perspective in his article on Copyblogger about applying story to salesmanship, preaching, advertising, conversation, marketing, songwriting, and blogging. These may be different categories, but they all have one thing in common – the art of storytelling. In Bruce’s article he helps us to understand that information cannot stand alone. Take a moment to understand why story and information are a complete pair, and you will notice the memorable impression it will have on your audience.

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Shewonda Leger is a writer who has love for creativity, whether its fiction or non-fiction. She is a graduate student at Michigan State University, pursuing her master’s degree in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing. When she is not at home in her pajamas working on her novel, she is writing for WRAC or consulting at The Writing Center @ MSU. Follow her on Twitter @Mz_Poesy.

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