Do It Yourself Workstations

Written by: Shewonda Leger

Primary Source: Writing Rhetoric and American Cultures



Are you always exhausted, feeling back pain, or tired of a stiff neck after working at your desk? Stop letting your workstation control your productivity. Most likely your workstation isn’t organized in a way that can increase production. Lifehacker offers 10 DIY office upgrades guaranteed to give you a better working experience.

For example, you can make a pretty awesome, large desk out of an old door, which you can customize to fit your room perfectly. Another tip is to avoid bad ergonomics and save a few bucks by building your own monitor stand using a wooden shelf and some doorstops or furniture legs, which is pretty cool. If your curious to see how crafty you can get, take a moment to DIY, and enjoy an incredible office that fits your personal needs and conveys your creativity.

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