How To Stay Awake In Class

Written by: Shewonda Leger

Primary Source: Writing Rhetoric and American Cultures

Blah…blah…blah! You sit in lecture hall as you suddenly realize your professors’ words are becoming a blur, and you begin to doze off. WAKE UP! You don’t want to bomb the pop quiz or have a bad impression on your instructor. Staying attentive in class can be a challenge at times, but HackCollege offers a few tricks to help you stay focus, and I don’t mean the Internet. Instead, why not move to the front, second or third row. If you sit where the professor can see you, you will be more in tune and interactive. If the front seat isn’t for you, try participating more in class. Professors always remember the ones who ask questions or comment. There is nothing wrong with being the teacher’s pet, at the end of the day the grade is your goal. The next time you’re in class put these techniques into practice and you ‘ll see staying awake is no longer a challenge.

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Shewonda Leger is a writer who has love for creativity, whether its fiction or non-fiction. She is a graduate student at Michigan State University, pursuing her master’s degree in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing. When she is not at home in her pajamas working on her novel, she is writing for WRAC or consulting at The Writing Center @ MSU. Follow her on Twitter @Mz_Poesy.

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