My Next Step: The Montpelier Foundation

Written by: Terry Brock

Primary Source: Dirt


Last week, I accepted a position at Montpelier as the Research Archaeologist. I’m very excited about the opportunity, and looking forward to working with Dr. Matt Reeves and the wonderful staff at Montpelier on examining the plantation home of the United States’ 4th President, James Madison.

I accepted the position for many reasons: it will allow me to gain more experience directing field projects, continue to pursue archaeological research in plantation studies relating to the lives of enslaved and free African Americans, and, most importantly, work at an institution dedicated to innovative public archaeology. I am particularly excited about the chance to work with their Archaeology Expedition Program, which has recently expanded to include Metal Detecting Expeditions and, just a few weeks ago, a Log Cabin Recreation Expedition. You can read a bit more about the Metal Detecting Expeditions on the SHA Blog, where Matt has contributed a few posts.

I will not be starting in the position until the beginning of April, so that I can put the final push into completing my dissertation. Then, the transition to Montpelier begins, with an almost immediate thrust into the field. I’m excited for the challenges ahead, and really looking forward to being a part of the great work that Montpelier has conducted over the past decade-plus. Hopefully, my contributions will continue to build on this tradition (You can be certain that you’ll be seeing more Montpelier archaeology on Twitter then ever before…in the meantime, they’re quite active on Google+).

I am, as I always will be, eternally grateful to the many people who have helped get me to the point where I even qualify for this position, let alone have the chance to get it. The staff at Historic St. Mary’s City, my advisors at Michigan State, my colleagues and fellow graduate students, my wonderful family and friends, and many others who have invested in me with their patience, time, and money. Thank you. Please, visit us this summer at Montpelier!!

Photo “James Madison’s Montpelier” AttributionNoncommercial Some rights reserved by kestrana

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