Volunteer corn competition in RR sugarbeet, a greenhouse study

Written by: Erin Hill


With quick adoption of Roundup Ready sugarbeets by Michigan producers we have seen an increase in volunteers corn plants that are also resistant to glyphosate. One of our Master’s students, Amanda Harden, has spent the past two summer looking at management options, timing, and competitiveness of RR volunteer corn in RR sugarbeet. You can see some of the poster and oral presentations she has made by clicking on her name above.  Amanda is currently looking at competition among the two plants under different nitrogen fertilizer rates in the greenhouse. Below are some photos of her first harvest from yesterday.


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Erin Hill
I am interested in weed ecology as it pertains to agricultural production. I am also interested in field crop and vegetable production systems, the use of cover crops and other sustainable practices, herbicide resistance, and environmental preservation.