Avoid Wearing P.J.s When Working At Home

Written by: Shewonda Leger

Primary Source: Writing Rhetoric and American Cultures

UntitledIf you are planning to be a freelance writer, here are some words of advice, “Do not dream about working in your pajamas.” A common misconception is that writers sit at home sipping coffee or tea in nightclothes and write. But your P.J.s don’t work, and actually can decrease productivity.

Make a Living Writing explains why the freelance dream of working in P.J.s is total B.S. Staying in bed and not getting dressed equals no transition. Even if you’re going to stay home all day, still get up and dress up. I promise, you will feel how much it changes your productivity. Make your home an office and treat it like an actual work setting by dressing for work. Save the P.J.s for casual Fridays.

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Shewonda Leger is a writer who has love for creativity, whether its fiction or non-fiction. She is a graduate student at Michigan State University, pursuing her master’s degree in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing. When she is not at home in her pajamas working on her novel, she is writing for WRAC or consulting at The Writing Center @ MSU. Follow her on Twitter @Mz_Poesy.

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