Audio – Food Fraud Interview on PBS Current State

Written by: John Spink

Primary Source: Food Fraud Initiative

Current StateOn March 21, MSU’s Food Fraud Initiative (FFI) was featured in a 15-minute interview on the PBS radio program Current State:  “Global Food Fraud – What’s on your plate?”  This is an excellent overview of both our MSU research and of Food Fraud in general.  I also discussed the strengths of MSU’s support of interdisciplinary research and the practical application of science.  This type of approach has been a key to our ability to create a global collaborative team.

I addressed the key point that the most concerned stakeholders are both the consumers (you and me eating food) and the biggest food companies (because they incur the biggest losses from any kind of fraud).

Hear the interview here:

We will continue to expand our research and collaborations… and to find ways to disseminate these important conversations.  This interview is one of many FFI outreach activities, so listen in and share as you see fit. JWS.

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John Spink
Dr. Spink has been focused on product fraud since the Michigan State University’s Food Safety Program and the School of Packaging began research on the topic in 2006. This work expanded to the behavioral sciences and criminology and led to the establishment of the Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection Initiative in 2008. In 2009 the work shifted to the School of Criminal Justice where the Initiative evolved into a Program.