Daily Information Literacy Affirmations with Stuart Smalley?

Written by: Sara Miller

Primary Source: Information Literacy Resources

I’m good enough. I’m smart enough… and doggone it, I just might be wrong about something! Can self-affirmation make you more receptive to correcting misinformed beliefs? A recent article I read (check it out below) completely geeked me out by mashing up infolit, psychology, and faith/belief. “I Don’t Want to Be Right” examines why people persist in believing misinformation even when they are presented with evidence to the contrary. According to the article, “if information doesn’t square with someone’s prior beliefs, he discards the beliefs if they’re weak and discards the information if the beliefs are strong,” which is not too surprising. However, the interesting twist to this story comes next: “False beliefs, it turns out, have little to do with one’s stated political affiliations and far more to do with self-identity: What kind of person am I, and what kind of person do I want to be? All ideologies are similarly affected.” It’s our conception of self that determines our willingness to accept or relinquish a belief. So, could positive self-image really help us to open our minds to the possibility of change? Check out the article: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/mariakonnikova/2014/05/why-do-people-persist-in-believing-things-that-just-arent-true.html?utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email

Lovingly written by Sara Miller
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Sara Miller
Sara D. Miller is Librarian for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Initiatives, supporting and facilitating the teaching work of MSU librarians across campus. She also provides information literacy instruction to students enrolled in First Year Writing courses. After receiving her MLIS from Wayne State University in 2005, Sara’s pursuits at MSU have included participating as a Lilly Teaching Fellow, heading the Libraries’ Information Literacy Unit, and publishing and presenting internationally with disciplinary faculty. She is also a proud MSU College of Music alumna with a degree in oboe performance.