New York City Phone Lines, 1887

Written by: Casey Miles

Primary Source: Writing Rhetoric and American Cultures

newyorkcity_wire_webWe herald the invention of the telephone as a significant moment in human history, but consider the infrastructure that needed to come along with this. Gizmodo featured a group of photos from the Library of Congress showing the mass of telephone wires around New York City before folks figured out that burying them was probably a better idea. Have a look!

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Casey Miles
Casey Miles is PhD student in Rhetoric & Writing, with a master’s degree in Digital Rhetoric & Professional Writing. Casey’s research focuses on queer rhetorics, specifically looking at butch ways of knowing, doing, and being in academic spaces, as well as documentary and video composition. Casey continues to work on her documentary series, The Gender Project, which explores gender, gender identity, and sexuality in everyday lives. Follow her on Twitter @soulsmiles