Evangelicals and Gay Marriage

Written by: Corey Washington

Primary Source: Zero Ideology

PEW study of Christian Attitudes toward Gay Marriage

There is an article in Politico today about changing views on gay marriage among Evangelicals. Evangelicals are often seen as monolithic by those who do not share their religious views (such as myself) but, like nearly all groups, this view is inaccurate. Evangelicals vary in their attitudes along many of the same dimensions as other people in the world, the primary exceptions being whether God exists and whether religious views should be shared or kept private.  The Politico reporter quotes one evangelical woman, describing her struggles to conform to the dominant view of her religious community

Tincher told me she had once “tried on” an anti-gay attitude to fit in with her conservative community in Liberty Township, outside Cincinnati, but like many evangelicals, she struggled to see how homophobia could accord with an all-loving Christian God. So when her pastor sent her a link to Vines’ video, she recalls, “I remember sitting in my kitchen and just crying. I knew it in my heart, but I had never been told that from the pulpit.”

The viral video she is referring to, by 21 year old Evangelical Christian Matthew Vines, can be seen here. It explains why on a literal reading the Bible does not in fact condemn homosexuality. Tincher’s stuggles seems rather typical of people trying to fit into homogenized ideological communities, whose proscribed cherished principles are often inconsistent.

The change occurring among Evangelicals reminds me a bit of the what happened in the 1990s, when, guided by Bill Clinton, many people on the liberal-left came to the conclusion that not all corporations are bad and that it is ok for people to make a lot of money.

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