Robert Frost writes a paper

Written by: Punya Mishra

Primary Source: Punya Mishra’s Web


First it was Lewis Carroll and Jabberwocky and now it is Robert Frost and his poem Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening that receives the EPET treatment. Here is poem #2 in our series of famous poems rewritten from a graduate school perspective.

Thanks to Diana Campbell for following up a brief conversation at a party with a great first draft. Danah Henriksen and I jumped in and put in our two cents as and when not needed. Without further ado, here is:  Stopping by the college on a snowy evening


Stopping by the college on a snowy evening 

Whose thoughts these are, I do not know.
How came they to my paper though?
My sleepless haze and writer’s fear
Brought rambling words I soon must show.

My little car must think it queer
To find a parking spot so near.
The Sparty’s closed. No coffee break
All silent halls, this late of year.

My prof will give his head a shake
Clearly this paper’s a mistake
Till then the only sound’s the sweep
Of words lost in revisions wake.

A rest sounds lovely, dark and deep,
But I have deadlines yet to keep,
And drafts to go before I sleep.
And drafts to go before I sleep.

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Punya Mishra is a professor of Educational Psychology & Educational Technology at the College of Education at Michigan State University. He also directs the Master of Arts in Educational Technology program. He recently co-chaired the SITE 2011 conference at Nashville after having chaired the Innovation & Technology Committee of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education. The readers and editors of Technology and Learning journal recently named him as one of the ten most influential people in educational technology.

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