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Written by: Emily Weigel

Primary Source: Choice Words with Choosy_Female

I wrote a few weeks back about my disgust that Scientific American would post articles which clearly do not value diversity. Given that Nature has also been called on the carpet for this, I find it refreshing and ironic that the Nature Publishing Group (parent to both of these publications) would now sponsor a diversity week this week. Whatever their motivations, I am please to see not only a devotion to representing diversity, but scientific data backing the importance many of us have recognized for years.

Anyway, they may or may not choose to publish this letter, but the feedback I got and revisions made for clarity improved my message. And I really shouldn’t say just mine, as I received a wonderful outpouring of support to write, edit, and submit this letter. The encouragement I got to challenge a senior colleague for all that is right socially and scientifically was enormous. This is a big thank you to those who have supported me then, historically, and in the future. I appreciate all that you do, and the effort you give me I will be sure to spread to others.

We’ll see how this goes…. and I hope well!

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Emily Weigel
Emily Weigel (@Choosy_Female) is Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Zoology and in the Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Program at Michigan State University. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a focus on interdisciplinary research from the Georgia Institute of Technology. At MSU, Weigel conducts research in the lab of Dr. Jenny Boughman and is affiliated with the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action. Her dissertation research focuses on how female choice and investment interact with male mating strategies. Additionally, Weigel’s education research asks how and why a background in genetics affects student performance in evolutionary biology. When not researching, Weigel enjoys playing soccer, surfing Netflix, and promoting STEM in the community.
Emily Weigel

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