Obama Popularity

Written by: A. Allan Schmid

Primary Source: The Troublesome Economist

Why has Obama’s popularity plummeted?  He has accomplished a great deal that is not getting talked about.  He is the victim of the press and his opponents (some racist) that keep chanting “Obama Care” is bad.  This seems to stop further thinking about actual consequences.  It reminds of Gov. George Romney whose campaign for the presidency coincided with the Vietnam War.  He went on a fact-finding mission and came back and said he had been “brain washed” by the generals.  Well, we can’t have a president who can be brain washed and the press repeated this trope over and over again and Romney’s quest for the presidency was over.  The press and many people did not want to know more.
Culture is a strange animal that is hard to understand.  Words can enter the language, and no matter how misleading, they have a life of their own, albeit pushed along by opinion makers.  Why is not “Affordable Care” is easy to say as “Obama Care?”  But, then the opponents would have to admit that they simply don’t want to give aid to the poor–they don’t deserve it.

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A. Allan Schmid
Alfred Allan Schmid, University Distinguished Professor Emeritus. Taught at MSU for 47 years in the Dept. of Agricultural, Food, Resource Economics. In addition to scholarly books, he more recently published a historical novel entitled "The Quest for Land and Fortune."
A. Allan Schmid

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