CoE #77 on Carnival of Evolution

Written by: Bjørn Østman

Primary Source: Pleiotropy

Carnival of Evolution #77 – the Phoenix edition is up at Carnival of Evolution.Where it is going to stay.

It is also going to be up every month on the 1st.

You can submit blog-posts about evolution as comments on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

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Bjørn Østman
Bjørn Østman is an evolutionary biologist postdoc working in the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action.
I am interested in many aspects of evolution. I work in computational biology, using various approaches to learn about fundamental processes of evolution. Bioinformatics is good for learning about real genes (data generously supplied by other researchers), and simulations are good for testing the mechanisms of evolution. I am particularly interested in how populations and organisms adapt to changing environments, both at the genetic and phenotypic level. Lately my research has focused on the evolutionary dynamics of populations evolving in rugged fitness landscapes.
Bjørn Østman

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