Clouded Alaskan Overlook – 6.30.2014

Written by: Jon Whiting

Primary Source:  Jon Whiting Is Cool 

The drive to Alaska is a long one. This was the second time I had done it; the first from Michigan and the second from Wisconsin. This time it was with my good friend Drew. We made it in unbelievable time. We had to, we were on a deadline. That couldn’t stop us from catching a few wonderful scenes like this one on the way.

Taken with an iPhone 5s.


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Jon Whiting
Jon Whiting is an academic specialist in the Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media, charged primarily as an instructor for audio production courses in the department. He is jointly appointed with the College of Music acting as an audio and video producer, editor and videographer. He is also working on a video series for WKAR-TV. Jon's previous experience on campus consists of work with the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, WDBM-FM, and MSU Extension. He has received numerous awards and a scholarship from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.
Jon Whiting

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