IFTTT Recipes for Staying on top of EdTech (and more) Journal Reading

Written by: Leigh Graves Wolf

Primary Source: Leigh Graves Wolf

I wouldn’t go as far as calling this a New Year’s resolution, but, I have been feeling very lax in keeping up with journal reading and want to get back on the ball. I do a great job of keeping up with blogs, tweets and books, however, academic journal reading has fallen down on the list and I am working on fixing that.  I wholeheartedly blame Google Reader for this – ever since its demise I did not set up an alternate feed reader.  Well, I finally had a minute to pick this back up and turned to my favorite website around IFTTT for a solution.  I know, I know, RSS is dead, but, while it’s still around I’m going to take advantage of the technology to create a quick fix for my journal reading problems – creating RSS > Evernote recipes for new journal issues using IFTTT.

I created a series of feeds for a handful of journals. Because IFTTT is awesome, I can publish and share them with you as well. Enjoy!!

This list is certainly not exhaustive, I follow other journals on twitter (e.g. https://twitter.com/KairosRTP) and will certainly be adding more along the way. Have a suggestion? Would love to hear your favorites in the comments, bonus points if you create an IFTTT recipe to go along with the suggestion.
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