Restoring the shore and fish habitat in Michigan inland lakes

Written by: Joe Nohner

Primary Source: Fishing for Habitat

Over the last few months, I’ve worked with the Michigan State University Extension office to publish two outreach articles on my research and the importance of natural shorelines. The first article discusses the importance of microhabitats for Largemouth and points out the benefits of a successful lakeshore restoration project that has created these habitats. The second article provides a summary of our electrofishing research and what we hope to find. I’d encourage you to stop by the MSU Extension website and check them out!

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Joe Nohner
I’ve spent countless hours fishing for largemouth bass, hurling baits for muskies, and putting dry flies where the brook trout are supposed to be, at least. I grew up with a passion for fishing, and that brought me to fisheries biology. The layers and layers of complexity in solving problems for our ecosystems in the context of society have kept me in the field.
Joe Nohner

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