39 forever

Written by: Leigh Graves Wolf

Primary Source: Leigh Graves Wolf

Ten years ago I posted this to my blog:

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Well 29 year old Leigh, the past 10 years have been very eventful. I have:

  • finished a PhD
  • become an aunt to 5 amazing human beings
  • traveled to places I never imagined I would go: UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Poland, China, India, Malaysia, South Korea, across Canada and the United States.
  • lost a father
  • had major surgery
  • ran 2 half marathons and several 5 & 10K races
  • + more

Turning 39 isn’t bothering me like 29 (apparently) did.  It’s hard to start to gracefully articulate the incredible opportunities that have presented themselves over the past 10 years. 10 years ago, I had never stepped foot outside of the US/Canada. Directing the MAET program has truly been a defining, life changing part of the past decade.   I feel incredibly fortunate that I can say, without hesitation, that I have a friend wherever I go, on earth.  Everyone reading this, each and every one of you that I have had in class, as an advisee, as a friend, acquaintance has transformed my life.  I have a lot more left to learn and experience. It’s quite exciting to anticipate what the next decade will bring to my life – 49 here I come.


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