Food Fix Podcast

Written by: Carina Baskett

Primary Source: Wandering Nature

I’m involved in a new podcast called Food Fix that’s launching today. It features interviews with researchers who are figuring out how to better feed the world. It’s funded by Michigan State University’s Global Center for Food Systems Innovations. Give it a try! It should be in iTunes soon.

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Carina Baskett
I am currently in my third year of the PhD program at Michigan State University. I’m working in Dr. Doug Schemske’s lab. I study how relationships between plants and animals, like pollination, are different in the tropics vs. the temperate zone. (watch a 90-second video about it.) For example, a typical tree in the temperate zone is pollinated by the wind (hence, allergies!), and its seeds are spread by wind. A typical tree in the tropics is pollinated by animals, and its seeds are spread by animals. I want to know, do these differences have implications for evolution?