What we’re learning about innovation at MSU Global

Written by: Christine Geith

Primary Source: Christine Geith

How do we actually facilitate faculty innovation at Michigan State University? To better understand our innovation advocacy practices, we conducted a three-part reflective self study this year and have some initial answers. We’re sharing our initial findings in this 3-pager. Bill Heinrich also shared insights in this blog post.

Here’s how we learned about what we do:

1. Reflected on our own patterns and profile through a self-study

2. Used the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator (ISPI), a commercial psychometric tool; and

3. Experimented with gatherings and creative activities for dynamic partnerships and connectivity.

Innovation Process Diagram

Illustration of the MSU Global Innovation Process


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Christine Geith
What my LinkedIn profile doesn’t tell you: I’ve been fortunate to help found two pioneering university departments for online learning and I’ve helped co-create about a dozen organizations – from airline supply and computer training to 4 non-profit education technology organizations. I was a founding board member of a global for-profit education services company and I’m an advisor for edtech startups. I serve as Provost and Executive Director of Michigan State University MSUglobal Knowledge and Learning Innovations MSUglobal. I’m an artist creating nature-inspired paintings with acrylics and digital light on my iPhone and iPad. I’m also a bio energy healing practitioner and president-elect of the National Association for Esoteric Healing.