Climbing back onto the yoga mat

Primary Source: Amanda Toler Woodward

yoga-silhouette-2830654I love yoga.  I feel calmer, taller, more limber, and happy after a good yoga session.  I particularly love Iyengar yoga which I have studied off and on with Lynlee Sky at the Yoga Practice Center for almost ten years.  Lately that has been more off than on.  Despite how good it makes me feel.  Despite the pleasure I get from studying a pose and the similarities and differences across poses.  Despite the happy atmosphere in Lynlee’s classes.  Despite the fact that her studio is only five measly minutes from my house.

Yes, I admit it, I have fallen off my yoga mat with a resounding thud.

I’ve decided to decide that this is because I am entering a new era in my yoga practice.  (I declare this loudly to drown out the internal voices that say I’m just lazy). I would say that this new era is one of a more personal, individual practice, except that I’m posting about it here for all the world to witness.  But, it’s clearly time to try something new.  Hence a new series on my blog.  I’m not making any bold declarations about daily practice, two hours sessions, or a five minute head balance by the end of the summer.  But I am going to practice and I am going to share something about it here.

If you want to climb back onto your yoga mat too, feel free to join me.


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