The Death of Louis XVI of France (1793)

Written by: Andrew Lundeen

Primary Source: The Special Collections Provenance Project at MSU, January 4, 2016



Some rather morbid copperplate engravings depicting the death of Louis XVI of France (1793) were folded up in this contemporary German book about the monarch.

The book (actually three works bound together) covers the life and death of the French king, and the loose plates show his execution by guillotine in grisly detail.

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Andrew Lundeen
Andrew Lundeen, a Special Collections Librarian at MSU, is a recent master’s graduate in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (‘14). Since September 2013, Andrew has spearheaded the MSU Provenance Project, an effort to document marks of ownership and marks of use in rare books at MSU.
Andrew Lundeen

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