Episteme6 @ Mumbai: 2 presentations

Written by: Punya Mishra

Primary Source: Punya Mishra’s Web, January 28, 2016


This past December I was at the epiSTEME 6 conference in Mumbai. It was jointly  organized by the Homi Bhaba Center for Science Education, TIFR and the Interdisciplinary Program in Educational Technology, IIT Bombay. I presented two papers there, oneabout the work being done by the Deep-Play group in the area of aesthetics and learning in the STEM disciplines and the other on the work we are doing with MSUrbanSTEM in Chicago. Both these papers are in the proceedings, which I don’t have at hand right now.

The Slides for both these talks can be found below…


Mishra, P., Keenan, S. F., Mehta, R., & Henriksen, D. (2015, December). I Care About the Beauty in Science: Aesthetics in Scientific Practice and Pedagogy. Paper presented at epiSTEME 6, Mumbai, India.


Mishra, P., Wolf, L.G., Gunning-Moton, S., Seals, C., Berzina-Pitcher, I., & Mehta, R. (December 2015). Enhancing Urban Teachers STEM and Leadership Capacities: A preliminary report on a unique private-public-public partnership. Paper presented at the EPSITEME 6 in Mumbai, India.

* The design at the top of this post is a rotationally-symmetric ambigram for the conference Episteme6. I had gone to the first Episteme conference in Goa many years ago and had made and ambigram for that as well (actually as well as for Episteme 2, though I never ended up going for that one). Here are those original designs, just for the record.


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