Archaeology 101 Roundup

Written by: Lisa Bright

Primary Source: MSU Campus Archaeology Program, March 15, 2016.

We’ll be back to regularly scheduled blogs this Thursday.  But first, a big congratulations to CAP Fellow and former Campus Archaeologist Kate Frederick on the birth of her son!

In 2010 CAP posted a series of blogs called Archaeology 101 designed to teach readers some fundamental archaeological skills and terminology.  If you haven’t read them before check them out.  They make a great introductory resource.

Archaeology 101: Reading Stratigraphy

Archaeology 101: Shovel Test Pit

Archaeology 101: Artifact Versus Feature 

Archeology 101: GIS

Please let us know if you have any request for Archaeology 101 topics for the future.

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Lisa Bright is a first year PhD student in the Anthropology Department, here at MSU. Her specific research interests include mortuary archaeology, bioarchaeology and paleopathology. Her current research focuses on paleopathology in a late 19th/early 20th century paupers cemetery in Northern California. Although Lisa is new to CAP, she participated in the first Saint’s Rest field school during her undergrad years here, back in 2005. Lisa is very excited to be reconnecting with the program and assisting with the history of MSU exhibit that will be in the newly renovated Chittenden Hall.