prcr: R package for person-centered analysis

Written by: Josh Rosenberg

Primary Source:  Joshua M. Rosenberg – June 23, 2016

I have been working on an R package for person-centered analysis. Here is a bit of background and information for how to install it (since it is very much in “beta”, it is only available via the method described below, and not through the typical (install.packages()) approach.


prcr is an R package for person-centered analysis. Person-centered analyses focus on clusters, or profiles, of observations, and their change over time or differences across factors. See Bergman and El-Khouri (1999) for a description of the analytic approach. See Corpus and Wormington (2014) for an example of person-centered analysis in psychology and education.


Because this package is in development and is not yet available on CRAN, to install it, first install the devtools package using install.packages("devtools"), followed by the function devtools::install_github("jrosen48/prcr"). After installing the package, use library(prcr) to load it in each session.

A bit more info. is available here. I would love your feedback if you try it.

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Joshua M. Rosenberg is a Ph.D. student in the Educational Psychology and Educational Technology program at Michigan State University. In his research, Joshua focuses on how social and cultural factors affect teaching and learning with technologies, in order to better understand and design learning environments that support learning for all students. Joshua currently serves as the associate chair for the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Special Interest Group in the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education. Joshua was previously a high school science teacher, and holds degrees in education (M.A.) and biology (B.S.).