Ask Congress to Support Informal Caregivers

Primary Source:  Amanda Toler Woodward, August 24, 2016

The people in the House and Senate represent all of us whether you voted for the person in office or their opponent.  They only hear from about 5% of their constituents.   Admittedly, that is, almost double what was pre-email and is more than 200 million emails and letters a year!  But that means that all of us complain about the job our elected officials are doing, while only a few of us actually share those complaints with the people in power.

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Amanda Toler Woodward
Amanda Toler Woodward is an associate professor in the MSU School of Social Work. Her goal is to share reflections on a wide range of topics related to aging research, social work, academia, and whatever else catches her fancy.
Amanda Toler Woodward

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