“Share the Puck” – Valued Partner Award to Andy Morling, UK National Food Crime Unit (NFCU)

Written by: John Spink

Primary Source: Food Fraud Initiative

share the puck While at MSU last week as an instructor in our course Andy Morling, Head of the UK National Food Crime Unit, received the MSU FFI “Share the Puck” award. His insight on their challenges and opportunities were inspiring and has already refined our future research direction.

The NFCU is based in the UK Food Standards Agency and leads the national team that combats food crime and Food Fraud. He is also widely engaged across Europe and around the world. The NFCU was created at the recommendation of the UK DEFRA Elliott Review (lead researcher Professor Chris Elliott, a previous Share the Puck recipient). We previously stated that The Elliott Review is probably the most comprehensive country-level review of Food Fraud threats and recommendations for prevention. Between The Elliott Review and the NFCU, we perceive the UK leading the world in agency focus on Food Fraud enforcement and coordinated prevention.

ffi-blog-v2-no64-puck-bOur MSU Food Fraud Initiative (FFI) recognizes key partners with our “Share the Puck” award.  In the team sport of ice hockey this term means to work together to score a goal.  To efficiently and effectively advance Food Fraud research it has required – and will continue to require – that we all work together.  The collaboration has been from across academia and from the four corners of the globe. These hockey pucks are Michigan State University Big Ten College Hockey official game pucks, bearing both the team logo and the FFI Valued Partner award badge.

Our MSU Food Fraud Initiative has a mission to “collaborate broadly and lead where efficient and appropriate.”  We strongly believe that through collaboration we will all achieve higher goals and greater achievements.  We also feel that it is important to step back and take time to thank our colleagues… and also have some fun along the way.  As we are all facing many challenges of cutting a new path in a new research field, I have personally already received tremendous rewards from interacting with great colleagues on the journey.  I am truly grateful for these colleagues.  When we “share the puck” we all have a higher potential to reach our goals.  JWS.


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John Spink
Dr. Spink has been focused on product fraud since the Michigan State University’s Food Safety Program and the School of Packaging began research on the topic in 2006. This work expanded to the behavioral sciences and criminology and led to the establishment of the Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection Initiative in 2008. In 2009 the work shifted to the School of Criminal Justice where the Initiative evolved into a Program.