Cups & Glasses in Special Collections: Part 1

Written by: Bexx Caswell-Olson

Primary Source: Wallace Conservation Lab, October 18, 2016


Our Comic Art Collection is home to a number of collectible cups and glasses featuring comic book and cartoon characters.  Many of these items were promotional materials given away at fast food chains such as 7 Eleven, Burger King, McDonalds, and Dairy Queen.
Most of this collection was sitting on the shelf in the same state it was received – unwashed and in old beer crates.

I am in the process of rehousing these items into boxes that are better suited for long term storage.  Once I saw that many of these cups contained food particles, dust, and dead insects, I decided that a good cleaning was in order.

Stay tuned for photos of the washing, drying, and final rehousing.

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Bexx Caswell-Olson
Before migrating to Michigan and beginning work at the MSU Libraries Wallace Conservation Lab, Bexx Caswell-Olson was employed as a bookbinder and book conservator in private practice in Iowa City, IA. Prior to running her own business, Bexx spent nearly a decade living in the Boston area where she worked in a variety of libraries and conservation labs, including those at Harvard and MIT. She is Vice President of the Guild of Book Workers, a national organization for those working in bookbinding, book conservation, and the book arts. Bexx holds a Certificate in Bookbinding from the North Bennet Street School and a Master’s of Library Science from Simmons College. In addition to her passion for bookbinding, Bexx also has an affinity for typography, bibliomysteries, seed bead weaving, and vegan baking.