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Written by: Stephen Hsu

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I’m interviewed in episode 2 of this podcast.


What exactly is a Genius? Are they born that way or can you become a genius?

The world is now so interconnected that a single genius, whether a young Aussie creating mind-controlled machines or a ten year old building a high tech microbiology lab in her basement in Canada, can dramatically and instantly affect the way we live. So who are these exceptional people, and how did they become geniuses?

We travelled the world to talk to some of the most interesting young geniuses who are solving puzzles with their exceptional minds and trying to change the world; identifying them with this description, laid out a century ago by Thomas Edison, one of the world’s greatest inventors: “Genius,” he said, “is 1 per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration.”

We also deconstruct the paths that led them to greatness and made them stand out among their peers, whether it’s a single ‘lightbulb’ moment, a complicated mix of natural talent, inspiration, or years of ‘perspiration’ that allowed their genius TO come alive.

We’ll also spend time with world leading experts, trying to unlock the secrets of high intelligence.

Genius: is it inspiration, perspiration, luck, or a complicated mix? That’s the formula we will put to the test as we travel the world… Decoding Genius.

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Stephen Hsu
Stephen Hsu is vice president for Research and Graduate Studies at Michigan State University. He also serves as scientific adviser to BGI (formerly Beijing Genomics Institute) and as a member of its Cognitive Genomics Lab. Hsu’s primary work has been in applications of quantum field theory, particularly to problems in quantum chromodynamics, dark energy, black holes, entropy bounds, and particle physics beyond the standard model. He has also made contributions to genomics and bioinformatics, the theory of modern finance, and in encryption and information security. Founder of two Silicon Valley companies—SafeWeb, a pioneer in SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Networks) appliances, which was acquired by Symantec in 2003, and Robot Genius Inc., which developed anti-malware technologies—Hsu has given invited research seminars and colloquia at leading research universities and laboratories around the world.
Stephen Hsu

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