Let This Be the Beginning of a Trend

Written by: Jessica Landgraf

Primary Source:  Green & Write, March 8, 2017

There is reason to be excited in the world of early childhood education. This blog has previously explored topics highlighting the importance and strong support for investing in early childhood education. Soon, the New Mexico Legislature will be voting on a constitutional amendment that would create a new funding source to support the state’s early childhood education programs. The amendment, HJR 1, would utilize a portion of the returns from the state’s investment in the Land Grant Permanent Fund. This fund  New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas endorsed the amendment on March 6. This innovative funding solution exemplifies the progress that can be made when a state decides that its early childhood education and development programs are integral to their future. While there has been no shortage of recommendations from research institutes, associations, and organizations, the initiative that New Mexico has taken to look at its particular context and financial landscape has resulted in an individualized approach that has real potential. This potential comes from the ownership that is taken through the state-initiated approach, the tailored approach, and the internal impetus that generated the amendment.

As we watch to see how this amendment moves through the legislature, and hopefully is passed into law, I will update on its progress, and in the next several weeks I will look more in depth at additional proposals that have been made by some of the organizations linked in this article.

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