Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons in 7 more videos

Written by: Spencer Greenhalgh

Primary Source:  Spencer Greenhalgh

Last year, I wrote a post about a series of YouTube videos that I used to give a guest lecture on copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons. It went well enough that I was asked to come back this year and guest lecture again. I made some tweaks to the presentation this time around, switching the order of some of the videos, and replacing a couple of them. I think the flow of the presentation/videos is stronger this time around, since it starts by laying a stronger foundation for why we need intellectual property law (instead of jumping straight to the right to remix and immediately criticizing the law) and eases into a debate about fair use with an example that’s germane to teaching (if, like I may be able to, you can get away with showing remixed clips from French Star Wars when teaching).

Rather than write everything out here (since there is a lot of overlap with last year’s post), I’ll embed the slides for the new presentation here; you can also check out this link if you want to see my presentation notes, too.

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Hi there! My name is Spencer Greenhalgh, and I am a student in the Educational Psychology and Educational Technology doctoral program at Michigan State University. I came to Michigan State University with a strong belief in the importance of an education grounded in the humanities. As an undergraduate, I studied French and political science and worked as a teaching assistant in both fields. After graduation, I taught French, debate, and keyboarding in a Utah private school before coming to MSU, where I plan to study how technology can be used to help students connect the humanities with their lives. I have a particular interest in the use of games and simulations to promote ethical reasoning and explore moral dilemmas, but am eager to study any technology that can help students see the relevance of studying language, culture, history, and government.