IPPSR’s State of the State Podcast: Education Spending and Minority Rights

Written by: Matt Grossmann

Primary Source:  Michigan Policy Wonk Blog, January 12, 2018

By Matt Grossmann and Charles Ballard

This is the third offering of IPPSR’s State of the State Podcast showcasing issues, answers, policy and research on the hottest topics on the local, state and national stage.

In this State of the State Podcast, guest legal scholar talks with hosts Matt Grossmann and Charles Ballard. Dr. Grossmann is a political scientist who directs MSU’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research. Dr. Ballard is an economics professor who directs IPPSR’s State of the State Survey.

Dr. Bowman serves as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law. As the academic dean, she is a member of the college’s senior leadership team and oversees the organization and delivery of the College’s instructional program. She is a faculty affiliate at IPPSR and of the Education Policy Center at the Michigan State University College of Education.

State of the State podcasters Matt Grossmann, IPPSR’s Director, and Charles Ballard, director of IPPSR’s State of the State Survey will talk together and share the air with frequent guests monthly. The production will be featured on radio stations on the air and over the internet, on SoundCloud, (link is external)(link is external) over ITunes (link is external)(link is external), on Facebook, Twitter and on the IPPSR website at ippsr.msu.edu. We are also part of the Spartan Podcast (link is external)(link is external) and are excerpted on MSU Today on WJR. Please subscribe (link is external)(link is external).

On the MSU campus, IPPSR specializes in policy education, leadership training and survey research in MSU’s College of Social Science. We are the home of the Michigan Political Leadership Program, the Office for Survey Research, State of the State Survey, Legislative Leadership Program, Rosenthal Legislative Internship Program, more than 60 affiliate faculty members, student policy fellows and major research databases on topics of interest to academic researchers, legislators, policy makers, elected leaders and journalists around the world.

IPPSR thanks MSU’s Communications and Brand Strategy office, MSU Director of Public Relations Jennifer Davis, Producer Russ White of MSU Advancement Marketing and Communications, IPPSR Policy Fellow Abbey Frazier and all those who support the efforts necessary to make this production possible.


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Matt Grossmann
Matt Grossmann serves as the Director of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research and Associate Professor of Political Science at Michigan State University. His research spans national and state policymaking, election campaigns, interest groups, and political parties. His current work explores key differences between major political parties and economic inequality in policy influence. He is the author of Artists of the Possible: Governing Networks and American Policy Change Since 1945, published by Oxford University Press in 2014 and The Not-So-Special Interests: Interest Groups, Public Representation, and American Governance, published by Stanford University Press in 2012. He is author of numerous journal articles on such topics as policy change, political party networks, the legislative process and public opinion. His research appears in the Journal of Politics, Policy Studies Journal, Perspectives on Politics, American Politics Research and other publications. He also writes for blogs and popular media. His roots are also deep in practical politics, especially in candidate training, policy and survey research. His experience includes work at the Rose Institute of State and Local Government, the Institute of Governmental Studies, the Center for Voting and Democracy and the Center for Democracy and Technology. A member of MSU’s faculty since 2007, he is founder and director of the Michigan Policy Network and served as liaison to MSU’s Washington Semester Program. He received his bachelor’s degree from Claremont McKenna College, his master’s in political science in 2002 and doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2007. He became IPPSR director in January 2016.