We installed a new exhibit today!

We installed a new exhibit today! Come check out some high flights from our Special Collections on display in the Sawyer-Koch exhibit cases, which are located by the front entrance of the main library. Many thanks to our Facilities crew for helping with the install! #libraryexhibit #exhibition #specialcollections #librariesofinstagram (at MSU Libraries)   Tweet

Salvaging Wet Books

Earlier this month, the MSU Libraries’ Disaster Response Committee practiced our procedures for salvaging wet books.  We took advantage of the nice weather to get outside, get some books wet, and then do our best to salvage them (don’t worry, we used withdrawn materials!). Eric Alstrom, Head of Preservation and Conservation, showed us how to …


Poster preservation

Posters, posters, and more posters! A recent donation of several hundred movie posters (not all are shown above) recently invaded the conservation lab. The posters had been rolled for storage, and while a few unrolled easily, those printed on heavyweight paper didn’t want to be flat. I knew that trying to humidify and flatten each …


Just Cocktails

This recipe book has a fun wood cover with brass hinges and rawhide leather thong binding.  Unfortunately, the acidic wood cover has irreversibly stained the first and last pages, creating a mirror image of the wood grain.  I’ve never seen anything quite like this, and find it fascinating! Want to see this book in person?  …


Exhibit Tips and Tricks

staff.lib.msu.edu Exhibit Tips & Tricks + Dos and Don’ts Bexx’s Exhibit Tips and Tricks for Library Materials Recently, I’ve posted a few tips tips for exhibit library materials: Tip #1 – Support the Neck Tip #2 – Support the Plate Tip #3 – Support the Textblock These tips (and more) were part of a recent …


Vellum : Before and After

Vellum is a hygroscopic material, which means that it has the ability to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment. Vellum will expand in humid conditions, and contract in dry conditions.  Even normal fluctuations in temperature a humidity can cause vellum bindings to warp.  Over time, this book became badly warped.  At it’s …