Stand – 7.11.2014

I had gotten off the plane a few minutes before from a couple long flights back to Michigan from the Great White North up in Alaska. Of course we had been packed into the plane, which really isn’t too bad on a regular shorter flight, but the lack of leg room at my height adds …


A Simple Toast

I love finding inspiration in the day-to-do things. When I saw this on a window in New Orleans, I felt assured that others do, too. Here’s to the crazy ones. And to the creative ones. Taken with an iPhone 4. Tweet

Winter Warmer

It took this year to remind me that my least favorite month is February. Now that we’ve successfully made it to March, I believe we can let the sun go down on that terrible, frozen disaster that was February.Taken on an iPhone 4. Tweet

Not Raw Material

Just walking around campus in summer is probably one of the best things in the world. I love and hate this graffiti I came across on one of the sidewalks. Let’s hope this isn’t just a showing of a sense of entitlement that older generations sometimes comment upon when looking at the state of youthful …


Beaumont Reflection

Beaumont Tower may very well be the thing I have the most photos of that I’ve taken. With this surprisingly warm winter came a lot of opportunities to take photos around campus without any of the normal winter dreary. It amazes me while looking at this photo that it was taken on a January afternoon …