Magnetism and Mysticism

The Pedvale Open Air Art Museum lies in a magnetic field. The magnetic force lines of this field interact with the large granite and iron sculptures to create some unusual magnetic effects. The lifting ring on my sculpture, Sekimori Ishi attracts the north pole of a magnetic compass. On the other side of the park, …


Making Sekimori Ishi at Pedvale

My plans changed a bit from the initial proposal, which was to cast iron directly around the granite.  See my previous post about cultural resource management, and choosing the stone.   I could not have completed this sculpture without the help of my assistants, Sutton Demlong and Justin Playl.  Both were highly recommended by Tamsie …


Art in Real Life in Latvia

This is one of my favorite pieces at this years conference: No, It isn’t a work of Andy Goldsworthy, but the Pedvale team stacking firewood for the winter.  Click on the link below to see. the team at work They did several of these while we were there.  Click on twin peaks. twin peaks Tweet