Dialog 2017

Too busy to take many photos, but here are a few. First one is of a conversation between Tyler Cowen and Peter Thiel. Dialog is an biannual 2-day thought retreat, gathering 150 global leaders to discuss how to change the world. Dialog was created in 2006 to bring together global leaders across industries to discuss …


Time and Memory

Over the holiday I started digging through my mom’s old albums and boxes of photos. I found some pictures I didn’t know existed! Richard Feynman and the 19 year old me at my Caltech graduation: With my mom that morning — hung-over, but very happy! I think those are some crazy old school Ray Bans …


SCI FOO 2014: photos

The day before SCI FOO I visited Complete Genomics, which is very close to the Googleplex.   Self-driving cars: SCI FOO festivities:         I did an interview with O’Reilly. It should appear in podcast form at some point and I’ll post a link.   Obligatory selfie: Tweet