After a long wait, our How-To article on #SciStuChat is finally out! You can read it here: http://abt.ucpress.edu/content/78/7/599 So what’s #SciStuChat? Read the paper. Just kidding. You should read it, but the tldr; is that it is a monthly chat where students in science classes across the nation and the globe interact with scientists via Twitter. …


Schwinger meets Rabi

Seventeen year old Julian Schwinger meets Columbia professor I. I. Rabi (Nobel Prize 1944) and explains the EPR paper to him. Climbing the Mountain: The Scientific Biography of Julian Schwinger [p.22-23] … Rabi appeared; he invited Motz into his office to discuss ‘a certain paper by Einstein in the Physical Review’! Motz introduced Julian and …


Ioannidis at MSU

These videos are from an interview I did with John Ioannidis when he visited Michigan State earlier this month. The whole thing (29 min) and more short clips are available here. Is 85% of NIH funding wasted? Early candidate gene studies rarely replicated, but GWAS hits do. The flyer for his talk: Tweet