The story of the Monte Carlo Algorithm

George Dyson is Freeman’s son. I believe this talk was given at SciFoo or Foo Camp. More Ulam (neither he nor von Neumann were really logicians, at least not primarily). Wikipedia on Monte Carlo Methods. I first learned these in Caltech’s Physics 129: Mathematical Methods, which used the textbook by Mathews and Walker. This book was …


Contemplating the Future

A great profile of Nick Bostrom in the New Yorker. I often run into Nick at SciFoo and other similar meetings. When Nick is around I know there’s a much better chance the discussion will stay on a highbrow, constructive track. It’s surprising how often, even at these heavily screened elitist meetings, precious time gets …


Drone Art

I saw this video at one of the Scifoo sessions on drones. Beautiful stuff! I find this much more pleasing than fireworks. The amount of waste and debris generated by a big fireworks display is horrendous. Tweet

Productive Bubbles

These slides are from one of the best sessions I attended at scifoo. Bill Janeway’s perspective was both theoretical and historical, but in addition we had Sam Altman of Y Combinator to discuss Airbnb and other examples of 2 way market platforms (Uber, etc.) that may or may not be enjoying speculative bubbles at the …


Dialog 2015

I’m at a fancy meeting with a bunch of money folk, tech entrepreneurs, and scientists. No, it’s not Foo Camp, but might be similar … don’t know yet. I doubt there will be an Illuminati / Dark Enlightenment initiation ceremony, but one can always hope ;-) Dialog is an biannual 2-day thought retreat, gathering 150 …